Surprised? No, not really

Documents show the EPA knew of a possible Gold King mine blowout before the surprising blowout. 9News refers to an EPA website which states

EPA activities at the Gold King Mine site were to address the risk of blow out identified by EPA and the State of Colorado by taking actions to relieve pressure build up from historic construction operations at the interconnected mines by the previous mining operator. This work included improving site access, stabilizing the mine structure, controlling water and metal precipitate, and treating surge water as necessary.

But since that was a government spill, the toxic material wasn’t all that toxic and everything is safe now and we’re sorry.  If that had been done by the regulated community, instead of our masters, the regulators, we’d still be hearing the screams and, very likely, watching the perp-walks.  All pigs are equal, some are just more equal, I suppose.

After reading that and having been buried in compliance issues for two weeks, recoil therapy is in order.


One response to “Surprised? No, not really

  1. The U.S. EPA has replaced Bill Gates as the Anti-Christ.

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