John Beale, scammer in the air division of the EPA, gets 32 months in prison.

Well this news comes in kinda slow, but the wheels of justice. . .

I have a theory about John Beale, whom Gina McCarthy described very favorably in a memo to EPA staff in the past.

I believe that John Beale was a bag man, conduit for enviro organization input on air regs.

He defrauded the government and claimed he was a CIA spy but he also got a very high salary and was a mediocre member of the staff. His personal achievements were minimal at best.

Ignore the mispelling of his name in this link.

JunkScience has some posts on Beale you might find interesting. He had a “mentor” named Brenner in the EPA who moved him along and into high status, in spite of his lack of professional qualifications.

He is described as Princeton educated, but his academic career was pathetic. He is also described as the architect of Clean Air Act regulations for more than a decade. Wanna bet on my bag man for the green gang theory?

Beale lived a charmed life for a long time and one might ask what was the basis for the Brenner efforts to make Beale so important in the EPA–he was a guy with no portfolio. Did Brenner protect him because Beale was actually working for the green advocacy groups formulating new regulatory regimes that were written in their offices?

And Beale, even though he was a mediocre, unaccomplished lawyer, is thought to be the guy who worked the collusive lawsuits strategy. Again a way to funnel money to enviros and get them regulatory changes without the inconvenience of Congressional and administrative law rules and procedures.

Here’s a JunkScience archive on collusive lawsuits–also called sue and settle–trouble is the only people in the settlement conference were the EPA people and the enviros. Imagine how that might go.

Even though he was a schlock and a thief and a no show, Beale was paid the highest staff salary in the EPA–go figure.

Beale is married to Nancy Kete, who President Barack Obama appointed the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling. She is currently managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The couple own a $872,000 townhouse in Arlington, Virginia, and a $626,000 vacation home on Cape Cod.

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2 responses to “John Beale, scammer in the air division of the EPA, gets 32 months in prison.

  1. Hank de Carbonel

    I assume he will still have a room available from his pal. So he won’t have the burden of travel. The one who avoided mentioning he had coffee with M.Beale just hours before in his kitchen, finally blurted it out during questions under oath in a hearing. Up until then he gave the impression he knew not where Mr. Beale might be located! A high point in political kabuki.

  2. @john1282
    Without going into extraneous detail, based on many contacts I have in the federal govt (including high up in EPA), your assessment is spot on.

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