Another climate tipping point, boreal forests

Apparently there is no warming hiatus in boreal forests, which are predicted to reach a climate tipping point this century.  Research published in Science Magazine, is referenced by a number of echo sources such as newsmaine, and Christian Science Monitor, citing the approaching climate tipping point.  newsmaine says:

Researcher Anatoly Shvidenko said, “Boreal forests have the potential to hit a tipping point this century. It is urgent that we place more focus on climate mitigation and adaptation with respect to these forests, and also take a more integrated and balanced view of forests around the world”.

Every 10 years, these forests have been witnessing warming rates near 0.5 degrees Celsius. It is predicted by 2100, the boreal forests could be 6 to 11 degrees Celsius warmer. Experts have found that the climate zones in these forests have been moving northwards much faster than the trees’ ability to migrate.

So, while the rest of the world is either in a hiatus for two decades or scientist’s are desperately trying to save the planet by holding controlling the climate to 1.5°C-2.0°C over 250 years or so (1850-2100), the real hot spots are boreal forests which have been warming at a rate of 5°C/century.

The article in Science is behind a paywall, so I can’t review the details, but the quoted temperature rise and the other propaganda are at odds.  Maybe in climate science you can put out any claim you like as long as it scary.


2 responses to “Another climate tipping point, boreal forests

  1. I was looking for something to read at bedtime that was so mindnumbingly banal and just drones on and on and on and……. 😉

  2. Reblogged this on kingbum78's Blog and commented:
    I live at the southernmost extent of these forests in far northern Minnesota. I think we would be the first to know if these trees are in real danger and no one has noticed anything.

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