Jonah Goldberg redeems himself

Jonah doesn’t get a lot of play here at JS because, frankly, he irritates me.

However, he has redeemed himself with this exegesis on the value of dogs in the life of humans.

Ok, so maybe 12 dogs are buried in my yard and 5 watch TV at night and get me up at the crack of dawn by jumping on the bed. Maybe they would all be dead if I hadn’t taken them in, one from living for almost a year in the wild of an adjacent pasture–Amazing Sammy the Border Collier who was dumped by some monster as a puppy and managed to survive–he is now 14.

But, I am perfectly objective about this. I do not play favorites with my dogs, they are all favorites. Except maybe Brit and Ernie and Willie and Sparky and Cinder and . . . well maybe they were all special, just like humans are.

I even have a place in my heart for the rescues that we adopted out to others. Buzz the pit bull puppy who had horrendous skin mites When we found him in a ditch and Lucky, who was, like many Dalmation males less than 5, a handful of muscle and energy, needing some security and a chance to run off some energy.

I have expanded my horizons and recently and adopted two wonderful pit bulls–that are not what their reputation is, provided not mistreated and trained to guard and fight. Harley and Maggie, both wonderful girls. Advertized as Boxer mixes by the shelter to improve chances of adoption, but I had Roxie the Boxer when I was a kid and then Roxie II when I was an adult and I knew.

In fact the American Pits look kinda ok, bigger, not so squat and bulldog looking and vanilla, that was Harley, but the Staffordshire version is pit bull all the way with a big head and mouth–the wonderful Maggie–named after my favorite female politician who was pretty tough and steadfast.

Maggie’s shelter name Susan was just not a girl pit bull name. Kate, Stella, Molly, Hedda, Lauren, Darlin, but Susan?? No wonder they abandoned her, they didn’t even know any good pit bull names, much less how to love ’em.


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