For All The Anti e-cigarette Morons…

Finally, sanity from a government health agency!

An expert independent evidence review published 19 August 2015 by Public Health England (PHE) concludes that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking.

This is a game-changer, folks.


7 responses to “For All The Anti e-cigarette Morons…

  1. Why do you think this will be a game changer? The left ignores that which does not align with the party manifesto! Just look at the news this morning where July is the hottest month ever, in history and 2015 is shaping up to be the hottest year ever, in history! Have you seen or heard lefty news spout anything that says climate change data and science is well questionable and that the 97 percent consensus is fixed?

    • @Ken–
      First time ever that a national health agency come out in favor of e-cigs. At the very least, this creates pressure on similar agencies in the US.

      Yes, the Left ignores anything that doesn’t line up with Comrade Obama, but it is a bit harder to lie about health–in the face of learned opposition. “Climate Change” is pie in the sky, but millions want their e-cigs, and it affects them directly every single day.

      Besides, the rise of Trump just may indicate that “We the people” finally have had enough.

  2. governments are against e-cigs because they reduce the tax income from real cigarettes.
    Or maybe I’m just being cynical again.

  3. Yeah, it’s nice to see sanity occasionally. yet our gov. over here has the gall to say they don’t help people quit. Read the comments under any e-cig article and they’re filled with people who say they stopped smoking because of them.
    Our health officials here are in denial.

  4. I read these reports. The trouble with them was that there were still underlying themes and subtexts of government regulation and “expertise” in the recommendations. (That, and the “more research is needed” fishing for grant money.) The continual references to “Stop Smoking Services” and “Safe Packaging Requirements” – the whole “For The Children!” fraud again – would give – still gives – the various nannies and prohibitionists the ammunition to label the Vapes as “medical devices.” Designated as such by, say, the FDA in a push to expand its mandate yet again, their availability would be limited to being available only through “designated providers” or clinics, require “supervision,” (prolonged and foot dragging) design approval, limit or do away with altogether pleasurable flavourings, and otherwise drive up costs and limit choices.

    This of course would be much to the relief of the traditional tobacco providers, the whole Baptists and Bootleggers thing mentioned above.

    Just a thought.


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