Judas Goats in oil, gas, coal–leading the industries to the slaughter house

Viv Forbes is a geologist, but he also tends sheep.

He draws a great parallel.

My experience with the oil/gas/coal industries is that they are afraid of the media, the EPA, the green movement mobs and activist with their matching T-shirts and screaming rent a mob mothers.

The fossil fuels leadership is cowardly and afraid to confront the junk science put out by the Greenies and their government/media running dog allies. Their fears also result in cowardly approaches to political advocacy. Many years ago when I was involved in a local battle over wind turbines, one of our allies from another county was a retired Exxon engineer, and he told me to avoid telling the big crowd we were going to speak to that he retired from Exxon–what a shame–he was an accomplished professional, with a long distinguished career in the largest Corporation on Earth at the time and he didn’t want the public to know it and that as an engineer he knew wind turbines were inefficient and economical no viable without stupid mandates and subsidies? You’d have thought he would be proud to let people know of his long career with Exxon, and that is the cowardly attitude that I see all the time. The crazy greens never have an problem identifying their gang’s name. Often they put it on their banners and t-shirts.

One of the big jokes in my life is that the people I work with are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers or some capitalist cabal–nonsense, the big industry players contribute nothing or almost nothing to the conservative war chest. However on the left are dozens of advocacy entities with hundreds of millions, in some cases billions in assets. Compare the cumulative financial power of these enviro organizations and their allies on the left arrayed against the conservative think thanks with puny annual budgets and limited assets.


They file poorly framed and always unsuccessful lawsuits, and then pay the armies of loser lawyers, who are, in many cases rotating in and out of government and have no desire to fight the good fight against the EPA. They file suits that pick around the edges and attempt to slow down the Green/EPA juggernaut, but they are losers without chests.

Not enough space here to talk about the pathetic efforts of the political class, all the way down to the states. Every time I read about a new State Attorneys General lawsuit, I know their strategy will be about process, procedure, delaying the EPA effort, always losing at the hands of the federal judges and their damned Chevron excuse for letting the EPA run rogue.

The lawyers for our side never go to the heart of the matter–the EPA lies about human health effects and gets away with it. The EPA distorts what the Clean Air Act is supposed to do–make the ambient safe from proven risks, and instead they pander to aesthetics and dress it up as mitigation of harm. They count deaths that don’t exist and multiply by 10 million for cumulative benefits claims.

I run into too many cowards, crony capitalists, political people who have no Chests and won’t go head to head with the evil that is the EPA and its socialist/statist/environmentalist claque of thugs:


So they lose, and they keep hiring lawyers who will help lose for a handsome fee.

They are the Judas Goats of modern industry, hoping never to be accused of being robber barons or mean capitalists. Afraid and timid–and generally not well informed. They can’t articulate some of the basic reasons why the EPA is a criminal anti progress, anti capitalism/free market gang of thugs and scientific/policy charlatans.


Many years ago now, after a conservative conference on energy policy, I sat with another member of the faculty who was an official of importance with the American Petroleum Institute. We were waiting for a plane, so he was my captive audience.

The man was distinguished and experienced. He was there to lecture on bad EPA policies on energy. I was there to argue the EPA claims about human health harm from ambient air pollution are bunk, generated by bunk epidemiology and toxicology.

I gave him my pitch on EPA junk science and he clearly had no stomach for a real fight to save his clients’ companies–It was not what I expected of an official with the industry’s advocacy organization.

Like most people in the industry under attack by the thugs, he wanted to play along instead of fight. Looking for the finesse instead of the Kill. A man with the same attitude we see in low talkers who always compromise with bullies.

The API guy had a hundred reasons for not challenging EPA junk epidemiology and toxicology, the science that was the basis for their Air Pollution regulatory regime and claims that they were saving hundreds of thousands of lives that would have otherwise been lost as premature deaths from small particle and zone pollution.

Judas goats at the oil/gas/coal companies are infiltrating those industries and playing the game of avoiding real political and scientific hardball with the screaming greens and their matching tee shirt mobs and media/political allies.

Unfortunately the intimidation factor has created many Judas Goats, and the big companies are so afraid to take on the enviros with their rent a mobs, astroturfing, and a disciplined and well funded army of green fanatics who hate American capitalism and progress and would hope to lead us to their Luddite, small is beautiful, utopia.

The socialist enviro lefty agit prop gang never stops and the people who should be tending to policy and political business are trying to survive with crony arrangements and finessing the opponents. Looking for a good quarterly, look for markets where the EPA and government won’t screw you up. No long distance vision, the stupidity of the “prevent” defense when they are already 2 touchdowns behind.

Go figure, the people in the oil/gas/coal not only don’t know how to play offense, they don’t know how to keep score.


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