Animas River Clean up will cost in the billions

The estimates will vary, it is early. The sediment is where a lot of the spill is in three states. I think that the clean up will be the usual exaggerated project. BP Horizon ended up costing BP 40 plus billion but got inflated with some artful lawyering and BP wimped out. No way that spill was a 40 billion plus spill.

BP had put aside that much, so that’s what they paid–cooperation by the lawyers.
As the NYT said–the states made out like bandits.

The taxpayers are on the tab and the project will mean more jobs and budget for the EPA–you tell me how much it’ll cost.


4 responses to “Animas River Clean up will cost in the billions

  1. Why’s it to cost anything?

    “EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Wednesday toured the riverside in Durango, Colo., saying tests showed the levels of various metals had returned to normal.”

    “I visited the river and took a look at it myself, and the good news is that it seems to be restoring itself,” she said.


    David Ostrander with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says contamination levels still were too low to be a concern. Testing included downstream of the spill site to north of the city of Durango.

  2. After a big El Nino year in the San Juan Mnts. the river will be scoured clean in the spring. Let the taxpayers keep their money and the lawyers find some other sucker to sponge off of.

  3. When lawyers and agencies get involved–the precautionary principle is dominant, ant the wheelchair brigade starts up–what about just the anxiety of thinking the water was yellow/orange? That’s worth a lot, particularly if it causes PTSD.

    The we have the tourism losses, the costs of mitigation like hauling in water and such.

    We covered a chemical spill in West Virginia more than a year ago, a tank car of a methanol compound spilled into an adjacent River–the lawyers were all of the place within a day or two. Lot’s of panicky politicians demanding that Freedom Indusstries cut off a finger or something for making the chemophobes anxious.

    the stuff was not toxic, but you couldn’t keep it from being a big deal–the area’ enviros were reinforced by the usual opportunists like Southern Enviro Law Center, a firm with a few layers that makes tons of money–some of it by getting attorney fees, soem by “sharing” the award. They are the enviro form of ambulance chasers adn were all over the Duke Energy pond matter a year or more ago.

    You may recall the Duke deal was about coal ash leaking from a pond. Coal Ash is also non toxic. Here’s the JS archive. The buzzards and politician are thick in the air over any big company like Duke Energy.

    And the panic and whining and “concerns” were overwhelming and the agency and politicos of all stripes were on high alert and maximum dudgeon.

    Heres one of my posts. Bob Greene, our in house chemist, said the stuff in not toxic, just has a smell that is noticeable, like the smell from the EPA.

  4. I think the EPA should or preferably, must be treated the same way it treats non-governmentally caused spills, inflated clean up costs, hyper-priced penalty, and rolling heads, with no taxpayer or cross agency reimbursement, strictly out of their own pockets.

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