Yesterday I took after a journalist with a lash–I don’t regret it–they are stupid people

Here is a great essay on why journalists are such a worthless group, but they unfortunately are on the other side and owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the fanatic left.

I wish I was wrong because they cause havoc with their little pea brains.


5 responses to “Yesterday I took after a journalist with a lash–I don’t regret it–they are stupid people

  1. When I was in college, Journalism and Education were what English majors switched to if English was too hard. I don’t know whether that’s still the case.

  2. Journalists have played a key role in changing our society after WWII, when Stalin effectively took control of this country’s research agencies – EPA, DOE, NASA, etc. – through budget review by the US National Academy of Sciences instead of Congress.'S_SCIENCE.pdf

  3. @john1282
    Boyo…I have worked with journos for more than 20 years, and have only encountered one whom you could regard as “smart.”

    As to not reading studies, unfortunately, this applies to the public health mandarins, as well. Dr. Curtis, especially, has shown that the “bellwether” papers proving cholesterol/heart disease/statin panacea actually do no such thing. Ditto salt dangers, type 2 hype, etc etc.

  4. These are people who believe the most important thing they can aspire to is to be seen by their libcult peers as “making a difference”, and that was one of the endless homilies and maxims spewed out regularly by the immature leftist movementeers of the 60’s, and that leftist movement of the 60’s is the nascent foundation of the more modern libcult.

    The point is, those maxims expose the true motives of the libcultists:

    They desire above all else to impose themselves on their fellow citizens, and purely for the benefit of their own egos.

    It becomes unarguably apparent when you consider some of the other faux “heroic” maxims.

    For the journOlista:
    “My objective is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” (Pure, unadulterated libcult)

    For all libcultists:
    “Diversity is our strength!” (Piously asserted nonsense)

    Lets face it, it doesn’t take a lot of cognitive horsepower to adopt a thought-free doctrine that posits your own intellectual superiority based merely on your adoption of a cult doctrine. Why wouldn’t journOlista eagerly jump on board such a cost-free, effort-free path to instant “enlightenment”?

  5. On reason to really like Joe Namath. A bunch of NY City reporters were picking on him for going to school in Alabama. One asked him if he took basket weaving.

    Namath’s reply: “No. I majored in Journalism – it was easier.”

    That has never been more true than today.

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