Why the Oil Export Ban needs to go

Good for the US and for our allies.

Bad for Russia and the oil cartel.



3 responses to “Why the Oil Export Ban needs to go

  1. gonewiththewind

    Let’s assume that the oil or NG in a well or in all our wells is limited and sooner or later we will run out. Let’s assume that the oil and NG in the ground in the U.S. belongs to the people. While companies have purchased the properties to harvest the oil the oil like all the natural resources belong to all our citizens. So who benefits by selling the oil faster than the U.S. citizens need it? The companies of course and a handfull of investors. Should they be selling our oil out from under us and then just disappear to Switzerland or some other place they bought beautiful homes with that profit when we run out? Or should all that oil and NG remain in the U.S. and last a few decades longer even though that means these investors will ONLY be multi-billionaires instead of being multi-multi-billionaires???

  2. Let’s assume you, gone with the wind, don’t know the silliness of the Hubbert’s peak and you had no clue about the international market for petrol.

    Then we can evaluate your ruminations, your jackass socialist ruminations about the commons–you know–that we all own the resources of the US–

    I can’t take any more of your BS. Go away.

  3. gonewiththewind

    John, calm down and take your medication. Hubbert wasn’t wrong he was simply mistaken to try to predict “when”. Yes we will run out of oil. I said that. And that is my reason for objecting to exporting oil. Duh! Since you disagree I assume you want us to all suffer to prove Hubbert was right and the sooner the better. Pretty stupid.

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