Thomas LIfson applauds the Milloy expose’ of Soros theft of coal

I have been watching the Milloy’s tweets on Soros, and of course coal company stocks are cheap.

The coal industry people are weaklings, don’t know how or what to do in the face of this theft of value.

We showed them why there are no deaths from small particle air pollution–but they are intimidated and mostly apologetic, must all be RINOs at heart.

This gambit reminds me of the Texas Utilities take over by a New York enviro investment group a few years ago.

Try to get a coal company exec to articulate a cogent response to the claim that small particles kill more than 3 hundred thousand Americans every year. It’s just not true. James Hansen claims the EPA has saved more than a million lives with its anti coal air regs agenda–that is patently untrue.

Coal industry people don’t have the cojones, so they wither.


2 responses to “Thomas LIfson applauds the Milloy expose’ of Soros theft of coal

  1. Some coal executives do have the cajones, but are then destroyed by the government for standing up. For example, look at Don Blankenship. Now we have Murray suing the government. I wonder how long before the government charges him with some “crime.”

  2. Reblogged this on Edonurwayup's Blog and commented:
    That Soros roach someone should stump on him and saquash it. He is more dangerous than the illegal population.

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