The bamster supports homelessness as a lifestyle choice

I would suggest that being an illegal or a criminal or a rapist is a lifestyle choice too.

Civil society has an abiding interest in lifestyle choices that offend societal mores, standards or create safety, security and welfare problems. Let’s start with the Ten Commandments and civil and criminal codes. Rule of law, not of men.

This is why I reject the crit theory that law is just the tool of an oppressor.

It would be foolish for any student of the philosphy of morality to think laws, mores are an artifice.

This is why I think libertarians are kooks–they keep writing up their list of victimless crimes–and they have such an expansive concept of the canon and hymnal of the High Holy Church of Anything Goes.

Guess they never read Aristotle or John Locke, or, as the Donald would say–whatever.


2 responses to “The bamster supports homelessness as a lifestyle choice

  1. Actually, the law in question has been shown to not work unless it’s part of a broader program that offers help to the homeless as well as apply pressure to get them off the main streets. It’s completely unclear whether Boise is implementing other aspects of a broader plan or not. One of the mayor’s comments hints that that may be the case. It sounds like Boise may be following the approach put forward by Robert Marbut who is Marbut Consulting. Marbut Consulting specializes in working with cities to reduce homelessness. They describe their approach on this page:

    You can read it and decide whether it can work or not. It’s different from the Democratic party’s socialist approach of just throwing money at them. Marbut’s position is that most, if not all, homeless will be changed by interacting with a complete program described on their site. In contrast, the administration is saying the homeless don’t need to change, we should just keep pouring good money after bad.

  2. “Homeless is a lifestyle choice. My choice for you!”

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