Utopian fantasies, reshaping humans

I recommended Theodore Dalrymple’s new book Admirable Evasions: How Psychology Undermines Morality enthusiastically last week here at JS, since he is an eloquent and insightful writer on the human condition.

And the inanity of leftist attitudes about economics, social sciences, the human condition and the ever-present Utopian collectivist ideas that include determinism and medicalize everything. Hell they even medicalize unhappiness-now it’s depression or bipolar disease.

Here is a great short book review on the book. I liked it.

http://www.denverpost.com/books/ci_28254521/review-admirable-evasions-how-psychology-undermines-moralityI thought


2 responses to “Utopian fantasies, reshaping humans

  1. Reality Observer

    Also from this author – re a “study” that purports to find a link between sweetened soft drinks and Type II diabetes:

    “Sweetened drinks seem to me to be an aesthetic abomination, and their consumption consequent upon a mass outbreak of childishness. I want people to suffer ill-effects from their bad taste, and therefore I believe the conclusions to this paper to be true.”

    Such sentiments put him in with the warmistas, the vegistas, and their ilk.

  2. It is the fundamental laws of physics that define the silliness of the “religion” of the fascist left. We don’t get to have free lunches simply because the laws of physics decree that we don’t get to have perpetual motion machines, devices, processes or systems of any kind. Aw faw down, go splat!

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