Scientific Integrity is hard to obtain

You can read hear what a lefty mag has to say about science fraud, junk science in service to an agenda or ambition. The Atlantic is troubled that the statist hegemon would be corrupted. Me too.

At the big journals they always ignore the government conflicts and emphasize the private sector conflicts. Full time government and heavily funded government researchers don’t include their obvious conflicts on their papers.

Why is it they think that they are not corrupted by agency pressure and the knowledge that they better put up what the agency wants or it’s no promotions, no grants, no appointments, no AAAS or NAS memberships, no awards and status to help their academic careers along. has been writing about scientific fraud and bought science for a long time.

Follow the money and ambition. Remember that government research money dwarfs whatever might come from the private sector and Universities have become whorehouses where the whores work for the Government Johns under supervision of the University Madams.

Ike warned us of the government/research complex and how it good corrupt science–well we got the corruption and now even the leftist are alarmed–even though they have science to push their political agendas.

Two of many archives on the issue of junk science bought by government agencies and apparatchiks, with the help of the academy.


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