Blowing up the dams–enviros on the loose

Human habitation includes stewardship and use of the natural resources–but enviros object. They want to “wild” America.

Texas would not be as habitable or attractive if dams were eliminated, for example.

The lakes of Texas, and there are hundreds, along with a plethora of stock ponds, are all created by dams. There is only one natural big lake in Texas–Caddo on the Northeast border with Louisiana, a swampy lake not very big at all. Our lake is 8000 acres when the water is at the spillway–some lakes in Texas are more than 20,000 Acres all the way to 40,000 plus. All reservoirs for water supplies from spring rains, recreation and flood control. Texas has hot dry summers, but sometimes very serious spring rains that flood.

Other states have reasons for dams, the west for water supply and hydro.

These people would like to make America a park and they get to be the park rangers.

Man should have dominion and use it wisely, and dams make sense.

But there are ideologues who think otherwise.


One response to “Blowing up the dams–enviros on the loose

  1. The link article: The Undamming of America By Anna Lieb, is an informative piece but gets lost in the hyper-environmentalism ideology too often. The philosophical view that because certain fresh water marine creatures used to reproduce in streams now blocked by dams is a significant issue compared to other considerations is never addressed. The typical environmentalist daydreams and wistful feelings about how the world was before human intervention always comes to the fore without explanation or discussion.

    Conservation is a great thing but not the only thing to consider when assessing human effects on the environment.

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