More from the we’re from the EPA so you can trust us file.

Thanks to the flushing power of water, the Animas River is being opened for drinking water and recreation.  According to ABC7News the sediment samples in the Animas River are back to pre-spill levels and the river is being opened for pre-spill uses. The EPA is sampling and has something called The Gold King Mine Release Unified Command Joint Information Center to answer all your questions, such as if you accidentally ingest some of the water you won’t die.

“Release” is the term typically used to refer to a spill.  It sounds better than spill, particularly if you are responsible for said release.  The news article mentions that the mine is leaking about 600 gpm water.  That sounds much better than 864k gallons/day.  The EPA doesn’t have deep pockets so they haven’t rushed to make reimbursements.

Life is certainly different if you are the good guys and the champions of the environmentalists.  Can you imagine the howls and claims had this been done by a private company.

We are the EPA, so you can trust us?


4 responses to “More from the we’re from the EPA so you can trust us file.

  1. Even though it is likely true that the EPA intentionally and criminally initiated the spill, don’t be so tough on madam? McCarthy and her minions. After all, the EPA is just one relatively small branch of a “government” who is the largest and most lucrative criminal enterprise that has ever existed on the planet.

    This criminal act was a misdemeanor that was committed by an agency for whom juvenile delinquency is a specialty. It is the various felonies that are the specialty of the larger enterprise that constitute the terminal cancer that is eating away and destroying the best nation who ever existed.

  2. Tom, agreed! And it all starts at the top.

  3. Gather some sediment and offer it in smoothies to every EPA supporting member of the House and Senate.
    Assure them that the EPA said it was safe.

    Save the biggest shake for McCarthy.

  4. Pat, I believe I saw a clip of Gov. Hickenlooper drinking water from the River to show the harm had passed. It probably had, but that’s old-school stupid.
    A former employer had a film called “Chamber of Horrors” on environmental clips with a couple water drinkers to show it wasn’t harmful.

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