It’s Sunday–time for a totalitarianism report

I got up this morning to a blue sky gonna be hot day in Texas, happy to be an American in the greatest political experiment in history, but I looked at American Thinker for today starting off with Clarice Feldman, the lead on Sunday almost every week, and it made me want to cry for the political mess we are in–why couldn’t I just have pancakes and then enjoy the day?

On Sunday the new stuff is on American Thinker, and Thomas Lifson, the remarkable and erudite editor, gave me pause with the intensity of the essays posted. As the shadows shorten, I could think about nice thoughts, my horses and dogs are happy like they are every day, but serious people need to be aware of our predicament, while the bamster is vacationing again.

Incidentally I sure hope the bamster has improved his swing–the only golfer I have seen with a worse loopy swing is Charles Barkley.

Don’t spill your coffee. Below is food for alarm.

First up–Federal Judge Berman’s persecution of Dinesh D’Souza and the lefty media/internet delight–now the amateur psychologist lefty judge has included forced psych counseling–for the sin of exposing the bamster’s past in a documentary movie exposing him as a deceitful, anti-American fanatic commie. Isn’t this put the dissidents in psych treatment what helped to populate the commie gulags? The essay:

Then we have two examples, but there are so many more, of government-run rogue officials and agencies–with no accountability, but that goes way back too–into the nature of government corruption and misconduct, for example 9-11 never resulted in any disciplinary actions against negligent government officials–now two examples, Hillary breaches secrecy rules and EPA ruins a river so they can get their Super Fund project:

And, just to really ruin your day, an essay on our complicity in another effort to wipe out the Jews, and of course why not include an essay on the horrors of the abortion mill we have allowed for people who find a human baby an inconvenience to be chewed up and discarded, or sold for parts:

I would also refer the masochist political observer to the essay of Leo Alexander on how the Nazis talked physicians, among others in German society, into being monsters. and the compelling essays and books by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who predicted the decline of America to a totalitarian leftist atheistic secularism that we see today:

Leo was the Nuremberg Tribunal physician consultant and wrote a compelling essay in 1949:

Totalitarianism has been a subject matter of importance here at, since the collectivist left and the statist misuse science and put up fraudulent science to promote political agendas, the archive on totalitarianism and its issue, censorship and intolerance of liberty:


One response to “It’s Sunday–time for a totalitarianism report

  1. THank you for the reminder, Totalitarianism is the problem, loss of liberty is the result..

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