Add food shocks to the climate change scare lexicon

Food shortages by 2040 caused by climate change?  Another of those unverifiable predictions?We have a report of Food Shocks Due To Climate Change Likely By 2040 to be caused by climate change.  Instead of being something that happens every 100 years, climate change supposedly will cause it to happen every 30 years.  No gradually decreasing frequency of food shocks just a jump from 100 to 30 in 25 years.  As usual, these claims assume no ability to adapt to whatever disaster is predicted and, in this one, it seems that we have to believe technology in the 21st century is identical to the early 20th, 18th or 17th.   It also seems to ignore increasing food production rates.  Future food scares seem to be climista constants.  Just ignore the data and project far enough into the future that no one will remember you made it.

I found excellent graphics and comments on the blog suyts space here and here.


4 responses to “Add food shocks to the climate change scare lexicon

  1. This one is more truthful than not. With every government preparing for global warming and pushing companies to do the same – no-one is preparing for the cooling that is actually happening.

    It will probably be mighty cold in 2040, and we could very well be short on food. And with carbon nuts closing down coal ants in favor of windmills,.we could be quite short on the energy needed to keep us awarm and alive.

    • not just that, but all those regulations and restrictions on industrial and agricultural activity that result from AGW inspired powergrabs and policies will lead to a reduction in food production, or at least a reduction in the increase in food production, to the point where the amount of food available per individual will for the first time in human history no longer go up as the population grows but down.
      Add in restrictions to transportation and distribution of food and goods to places where food production is lowest (Africa, South America, etc.) because we won’t be allowed to “spoil the natural environment” and “corrupt the customs of tribal groups”, people in the areas where the population is growing the fastest will be left with less food than ever.
      Which will as always lead to large scale migrations, which are already starting, with hordes of them moving north and forcing their way into Europe and north America.
      The tens of thousands of Africans taking ship to Italy and Spain, Greece and France, and from there looting and pillaging across Europe, are only a small example of things to come as a result of the misguided policies we’re already seeing develop.

  2. Whichever way you look at it, it’s an important issue that needs dealing with. Raising awareness of the problems is the way forward.

  3. Any food shortage in 2040 will not be caused by “climate change”. It will be caused by well meaning “planet savers” destroying our food supply system. Shutting off all irrigation water to “save the delta smelt”. Cutting off irrigation water for salmon. Shutting down livestock ranges to “save the toads” or for recreation. Banning farming in the black earth region of the Ukraine to “reduce CO2 emissions.”

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