Bombshell drops–publication bias and data dredging take a hit

This is absolutely stunning–Stan Young is grinning, so is John Ioannides.

We here at JunkScience couldn’t be more pleased–the expose’ is about publication bias and the impract of transparency in clinical research. Look at the drop in positive results.


2 responses to “Bombshell drops–publication bias and data dredging take a hit

  1. Wow! This is big. Really, really big!

  2. Kaplan et. al. certainly come to some very profound conclusions that make perfect sense. They are looking at only half of the picture, however – just clinical trials.

    There is a huge pool of medical research that is retrospective or meta-study in design that is not required to be registered with by the Principal Investigators.

    The medical research community does require that these types of research studies apply for and receive IRB (Institutional Review Board) approvals which follow nearly identical guidelines to clinical With such studies we must submit the protocol and study design for board review and approval prior to undertaking the study. At the conclusion, we must follow the approved protocol and design of the study least the results cannot be published.

    So, there’s the other half of the picture.

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