Bob McTeer likes Greece, so do I

I would like to visit Greece, and my historical view of the world and philosophy is Greek.

When I was in high school, Greek was one of he languages taught–by Jesuits of course, for the top class.

There is reason for that respect of the Greeks, but that has nothing to do with their current and recent politics and their economy, that is in a shambles.

Bob McTeer, a Texan who reveres Buddy Holly, for example, but is a player in international economcis and finance, former pres of the Dallas Federal Reserve, discusses the Greek belly flop.


One response to “Bob McTeer likes Greece, so do I

  1. Nice folks. Very friendly. To me, at least. Loved the Spinach Pie. A little bit nuts sometimes. Once the planes wheels touch the ground don’t try and make them sit down 🙂 Wheels down, up they go. Flight attendants waving arms and shouting all over the place. Absolutely no compliance. They just smiled at them like the attendants were children. Olympic Airlines. Funny. Breakfast was odd. Fruit and veggies. Take a cruise on the Mediteranean. The islands are amazing. Santorini was actually a little scary. The ship sails right into a smoldering volcano. The town is built right on the edge of the abyss. Anyway, I enjoyed my visit.

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