The Gold King Mine has been shut in for 92 years but the lefty BS is it was the miner’s fault

I can’t imagine why the lefty enviros would try to cover for the EPA and blame anybody they can.

Can you?

My question would be, were they stirring things up cause they wanted to create a problem and get a clean up project going?


6 responses to “The Gold King Mine has been shut in for 92 years but the lefty BS is it was the miner’s fault

  1. When it comes to pointing blaming fingers, the Lefties are always about 90° wide of the mark.

  2. Yep, wherever you go, they are attempting to cover for the EPA. I started a thread about this EPA created mess at –

    Sure enough the fools are out with all sorts of excuses. Including one fool claiming that the next hard rain might have caused this, and besides, it needed cleaning up. They will sink to whatever level is needed to defend the EPA, and big government.

    • I do believe you have exposed the real truth about today’s environmentalist. They could care less about the environment, but mess with their beloved bloated bureaucracy and they will take you to task.

  3. gonewiththewind

    I’m no friend of the EPA but I have to disagree. Clearly this mess IS what the miners left. It may have developed and gotten worse over the years but it is still a result of the mining practices used. Secondly this pool of polluted water existed and clearly was not stable and would have sooner or later over flowed into the existing watershed. I will agree it was handled poorly and the “mistake” is 100% EPA’s fault but the mess was there and needed to be addressed.

    • To me, it’s not the mess left by the miners, but the response the EPA gave after “their” contractor, Environmental Restoration LLC, breached the levy and caused the spill.

      The EPA said, and I am paraphrasing here, that they, the contractors are human and they make mistakes.

      Well that’s not how they treated BP for the oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. And that’s not a valid excuse they accept for any environmental incident they investigate. They only talk of how bad the company in question has damaged the environment, fines, and future corrective actions. The media talks of lawsuits and suffering.

      I am not hearing any of that this time. Hence the hypocrisy.

  4. I toured this mine in the early 70’s on a geology class field trip. It is part of a group of mines in the Eureka District southeast of Silverton. It has operated on and off for over a 100 years. Below is some info from MINDAT website. You will notice that at one time they breached a surface water lake from underneath which then blew out of the main tunnel and into Cement Creek and the Animas River. It would be difficult now to go back and pin the mine waste on any one individual or corporation given the history. That is part of the reason that huge reclamation bonds are now required to do mining, and even then there is no guarantee that the reclamation can provide a final solution. There are many of these kinds of sites in former mining districts in Colorado and they will continue to present challenges for environmental cleanup for quite some time.

    This mine worked veins associated with the Eureka graben. Started in the late 1880’s and closed 1930. Reopened 1937 and closed 1938. Worked 1959 through 1985 (1960’s – worked the Washington vein) via the American tunnel at Gladstone. On June 4th, 1978 (fortunately a Sunday) the bottom of Lake Emma collapsed into the upper mine workings sending a slurry of mud and debris through most of the workings. Production resumed after about 2 years of rehabilitation and the operation stumbled on through poor economic times until early in 1985. Worked 1985 until recently by Sunnyside Gold Corp., subsidiary of Echo Bay Mines, Ltd. Workings include the Terry shaft and the famous American Tunnel, often attributed to being its own mine. Produced over $150,000,000 in all metals mined. Past owners include: R.J. McNutt M.M. Engleman& L.C. Thompson L.C. Thompson & Frank Thompson Judge John H. Terry (1900-1910) 2 sons & daughter of Judge Terry (1910-1917) United States Smelting & Refining Co. (1917- ) Standard Uranium (which formed Standard Metals Corp.)(lessee)(1959-1985). Finally closed in 1991.

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