Roger Kimball recalls Hiroshima debate

He revisits his admiration for a great essay that appeared, believe it or not, in the lefty Guardian that explained and justified the A bomb attacks.

War is hell and people die. The horrors of war and the awful choices.


3 responses to “Roger Kimball recalls Hiroshima debate

  1. My uncle was in an illegal POW camp near Tokyo. Since he was submariner, SS-176 USS Perch. After the war several of the camp staff where tried for war crime such as the camp doctor that would inject poison into POW’s who he determined where too ill. The dropping of those two bombs ended his internment.

  2. After the second bomb the Japanese military high command was split 3 to 3 whether to surrender. The emperor stepped in and made it surrender.

  3. the thing i can’t wrap my head around is it’s ok to kill 100 million in 4 years conventionally but it’s really beyond anything to kill 200.000 in a second. There is no morality at all in both, it’s merely a matter of degree. The whole discussion is moot.

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