EPA made the Gold King spill on purpose–to get a Superfund Site going–I know they did

Here’s the revalation and discussion I was looking for after a found out the EPA caused the spill–never let a good spill go to waste. If you can cause a crisis, imagine the power that will accrue to your agency.

A retired geologist predicted they would do something to create a problem with the Gold King Mine in the local newspaper one week before it happened.

Read the details from the locals.

One of our commenters already said what I suspected, because he knew the local situation. Knew that the EPA had campaigned for a Super Fund site for more than 25 years on a mine shut down in 1923.

Now we have the smoking gun prediction by a local geologist. Damn the EPA. Damn them. They are criminals.



3 responses to “EPA made the Gold King spill on purpose–to get a Superfund Site going–I know they did

  1. Perfectly Macchiavellian!

  2. I live in a community on the Animas River, at Cedar Hill, NM, just south of the Colorado – New Mexico border. I didn’t hear from any government agency when this happened, I got a call from a friend in Durango. I had not read Mr. Taylor’s letter to the editor before today, but one of my first comments to my wife, after finding out the EPA was involved, was that this was no accident. The EPA just created their own job security, while we wait to be allowed to re-open the head-gate on our irrigation ditch, and watch everything dry up and die.
    I guess going fishing while I’m wait is out of the question now too.

  3. I’m not suggesting the EPA is blameless in the Gold King spill, but we’ve created a situation where one bad call can contaminate 300 miles of river with toxic metals. That’s a systemic failure, not an individual failure.

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