A mine too far?

The EPA’s McCarthy, shows up, utters the right words but declines to visit the Gold King mine site.According to the Denver Post, McCarthy shows up, says she “couldn’t be more sorry” but declined to visit the mine because the 55-mile trip, “some of it over unpaved road — was too far to visit.”  

“As you know, it is a significant distance away, but I did visit the river. I took a look at it myself to get a sense of the river,” McCarthy said. “And I think the good news is it seems to be restoring itself, but we have continued work to do and EPA is here.”

  And I guess it’s really OK because the  river is returning to normal.  And being the EPA administrator, just looking at a river is all she really needs.   So, mother McCarthy takes time from her busy schedule of saving the planet from cahbahn pollution, flies out to Colorado and then can’t take the time to go to the scene of the crime?  Can we calculate the asthma cases and premature  deaths from all that carbon pollution for no real purpose?

Can you imagine the howls if the head of a private company pulling such stunt.


5 responses to “A mine too far?

  1. Ten scariest words in the English language: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you”.

    The oil spill from the BP well wasn’t just waved away as “seems to be restoring itself”. And then there was the matter of a $4.5 Billion fine. Must be nice to have a government job, and be exempt from these petty concerns.

  2. Fine EPA 10% of funding including 10% pay cut for every EPA employee.

  3. Funny how much faster the environment “recovers” when there isn’t a property owner to railroad or a big corporation to fine and demonize.

  4. I’m from the EPA, and I’m here to help you.
    Now, that’s scary!

  5. We have become passive to massive government incompetence.

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