Thought and language police problems

So a typical lefty rag, The Atlantic, with more than its share of totalitarian tendencies, sees a downside to the college language codes and obsessions with politically correct conduct and speech?

These intolerant totalitarians are part of the problem.


2 responses to “Thought and language police problems

  1. Thanks! It is time to admit politically-correct, lock-step thinking is limiting the natural evolution of science and society, e.g,, eliminating miracleous insight and discovery like this:


    Is NEUTRON REPULSION the Divine Force of Creation, Destruction and Preservation, hidden from the public seventy years ago after destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

    Was NEUTRON REPULSION in the core of the Sun, Kazuo Kuroda’s assurance worldwide human tyranny would fail?

  2. Newspeak!

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