National Geographic is home to the empty headed

So here’s another crisis ginned up by the left–wildfires, aggravated by–horrors–warming.

First of all there is no warming–but what do they care?. They have their faith and really good climate models.

Second, if there is warming, droughts will not increase and may decrease because of accelerated ocean warming.

Third, in spite of terrible forestry practices, the wildfire numbers are down, just like the hurricanes and the tornadoes, while the vegatation is improving because of carbon dioxide.

Fourth, did you know that increased carbon dioxide improves drought resistance.

But if, as amagazine, you are an ideological grab bag of scares stories–the world is coming to an end, and humans will suffer.

Oh, did I say that human welfare is improving.

National Geographic should go back to taking pictures of animals and reptiles and bare breasted primitives.

They are clueless when it comes to issues that are hot and determined by the canon or hymnals of the lefty greenies.


5 responses to “National Geographic is home to the empty headed

  1. This disgrace to science threatens the very survival of mankind.

    For the past seventy years (1945-2015), frightened world leaders paid ‘scientists’ to hide the force of Creation, Destruction & Preservation from the public:

  2. II generally enjoy the magazine, but I do notice assumption and bias in some of the articles.

  3. How well I remember in the late 80’s when the Yellowstone fires were raging uncontrolled and the smoke was driving people from their homes in Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming, these same people were praising the wildfires because they were “natural”. They sounded like Lawrence Welk chanting “wonderful!! wonderful!! wonderful!!” They don’t believe these wildfires produce any CO2 or air pollution or destroy any wildlife on habitat. They are just “Wonderful!! wonderful!! wonderful!!”

    Nor have I forgotten the (if I remember right, 6) firefighters that were killed in the NW because enviros successfully blocked a water drop that would have allowed the firefighters to escape because “it might endanger some salmon minnows!!!!” These people are sick!

  4. european cheatgrass has spread across the US, Alaska and HAwaii, it outgrows local native plants and causes more fires.

    • Cheatgrass actually uses fire to spread. The tiny fiber connecting the seeds to the plant burns before anything else and drops the seeds into the ground before they are damaged by the fire. Other grass seeds will be burned and destroyed.

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