Back pain treatments–acupuncture, Chiro, discussed and the Oregon Health Plan

This essay takes off from an Oregon decision to expand treatment options for back pain.

the reason was the concern about a heavy reliance on pain meds, particularly opiates that was a product of a long ago heightened awareness of the obligation of physicians to relieve pain. Now they are trying to reduce opiate use.

I might say that I think there is a place for manipulation, osteopathic in particular, and ignore the Chiro’s theories about magical forces and cause of disease. However, I have never been much on acupuncture after you take away the placebo effect, except in painful conditions, pressure and needles can interrupt the recruitment and pain fiber activation, no doubt–it’s like distraction and hypnosis that can interfere with pain perceptions.


One response to “Back pain treatments–acupuncture, Chiro, discussed and the Oregon Health Plan

  1. John I do not know how it would work on the back….. BUT….
    I have had acupuncture on my left ankle to block pain from injured ligaments and on my shoulders to block muscle pain. The acupuncture did in fact bring about an element of relief.

    I have RA (which is in remission at the moment due to another health crisis). I see a physiotherapist or as you say a physical therapist. She uses needling techniques as part of the overall therapy except on my neck.

    With regard to my shoulders, the other technique used is that of strapping and yes it has brought about a lot of relief as well.

    I have been of two minds about the use of acupuncture. I did find that the electronic acupuncture did not bring about any change but with the use of the needles I do get relief. As a side note, the sharps are disposed of immediately after they are used.

    Acupuncture has not brought about a cure but it has brought relief that has lasted at least up to 1 week.

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