You choose–Roy Spencer or Bill Nye for your climate expert?

I don’t have much difficulty since I consider Nye a schlock.

Should I say schlock or maybe Charlatan.


8 responses to “You choose–Roy Spencer or Bill Nye for your climate expert?

  1. Problem is, Nye looks professorial. He resembles many notable scientists people were used to seeing on the telly or as portraits on the walls of their schools. He does not need to do anything to make a favorable impression other than to keep his mouth shut, which he does not, but our discerning public is not so discerning when it comes to reasoning and fact-checking, so that’s not a big factor. Not to forget, a large part of Nye’s audience was raised in the presence of Mister Rogers. They have that kind of image imprinted in them. I pretty sure Nye’s employers know about the effects of his appearance and exploit it the best they can.

    Roy Spenser looks more like a lawyer or a senator, than a stereotypical scientist. Because people do not see him frequently, and many will only see him once in their entire life, their classification / pattern recognition instincts are likely to place him in the wrong category — the one that is most readily associated with mistrust — before he has a chance to say a word.

  2. C’mon! Bill Nye is “Howdy Doody”. He has never done research outside a studio or classroom. He’s not a scientist, but a rather pathetic showman.

  3. Combine Roy Spencer with Jeff Christy, who is not mentioned as they work together, often, and you the best climate team in the world in my opinion. We all need to accept the Earth is warming. It happens. The real questions are: Is it abnormal and how much of a role do we play in that warming? If these two told me mankind was destroying the climate I’d probably believe them. They seem to be finding that the warming will be less substantial and less “dangerous,” than the panic mongers are selling. Every model is horribly wrong. In fact looking at several of them, the 1995 area seems to all be dead on. My guess, that was a calibration year. It when up-hill, down-hill ever since. I am far more concerned with man overloading the planet beyond carrying capacity than I am climate change.

    • Mitchell–it’s John Christy. As for how Roy Spencer looks–he is white haired and professorial.

      • Thank you John — “professional” is the concept I tried to articulate. Scientists can afford not to look professional, and many don’t. Appearance does not interfere with their goals, and the pressure to conform to strict social norms has been off for a while.

        Then, there are people who believe their livelihood depends on how they look and they take jokes like “dress code” seriously. They form a certain stereotype, which stands out a bit more now than it did in the old days when everybody wore the the same outfit and carried a hair comb in his pocket.

        No offence Roy, but visually, you seem to cluster with an unlikely crowd, at least on a first glance. That impression disappears in a minute, but I am afraid people’s attention span is shorter than that.

        And then, you only talk about stuff you know. That’s boring. Popularizing the already popular fantasies while impersonating a stereotypical scientist looks a lot more interesting.

    • Mitchell Ivey,
      The planet is NOT warming! => your loaded comment is just that, LOADED!: ALL proven beyond any reasonable doubt, IF you are ”concerned” and believe in what you are saying – you will read those two posts

  4. I look like a lawyer or a senator? Ouch…

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