Socialists like Pinker have no business writing about bioethics

So the loony tuner new age jackass psychologist to the post modern age, Steve Pinker, starts a debate about bioethics.

He thinks the current system of Institutional Review Boards and the Nuremberg Code provisions are enough, and sometimes too much?

Maybe he would be well advised to consider what has discovered about EPA sponsored human experiments that violate all the rules and are conducted in 10 domestic and 6 foreign medical schools with fully functional IRBs.

Here’s the Pinker story from Nature:

Here’s the bioethics essay I wrote with Jerome Arnett to warn of the Zeke Emanuel led crusade for collectivist ethics (translation, utilitarian ethics) to replace traditional humanistic natural law medical ethics. Zeke Emanuel is a physician whiz kid brother of Rahm, oncologist, and self appointed ethicist and public policy maven, bioethics Czar at the NIH under the bamster:

Here’s the archive on human testing–it’s big and it reveals that IRBs do no protect subjects as they should when the research is paid for by the government and the government agencies do not follow gov rules on human research.


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