Wind Farms: ‘Blending’ ‘Green’ Dreams with Wholesale Avian Slaughter


blender The greentard’s attempt to justify the wind industry’s wholesale avian slaughter, ‘blends’ malice for our feathered friends with child-like logic.


The rampant slaughter of millions of birds and bats – including rare, endangered and majestic species, like America’s iconic bald and golden eagles – is one of the many ‘inconvenient’ facts that moves the wind industry to lie like fury and – when the corpses can no longer be hidden and the lying fails – to issue court proceedings to literally bury those facts (see our post here).

But – in America, at least – it seemed that the ‘inconvenient’ facts were starting to catch up with a vengeance, with US authorities finally doing their jobs, punishing wind power outfits for what is nothing less than the pointless slaughter of thousands of rare, endangered and, what should be, protected birds:

US Wind Power Outfit Whacked with $2.5 million…

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One response to “Wind Farms: ‘Blending’ ‘Green’ Dreams with Wholesale Avian Slaughter

  1. On my first blogging vacation to West Virginia, some years ago, I called these farms “bird grinders”. One only has to visit the site and look around the grounds to see the carnage.

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