Neumayr discusses culture/morality/humanism and leftist misanthropy

No matter your position on hunting cosider that the army of long rifles that could be brought to bear from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin alone is the largest standing army in the world–by far. George Neumayr writes regularly on culture and religion at AMSPEC.

The recent kurfuffle about lion hunting is in contrast to the media and left oligarchs effort to suppress the coverage of Planned Parenthood.

The left is pregnant with misanthropy and angry about human habitation of the planet–their anger is apparent and their values are misanthropic and pantheistic.

Mother Gaia is their iconic concept–and eliminating evidence of human habitation their ultimate goal, sort of a suicidal mission, don’t you think?

Some ideas only appeal to the intelligentsia–the nomenklatura.

What if they had their way and there were no humans to see that sunset? Who would celebrate?


One response to “Neumayr discusses culture/morality/humanism and leftist misanthropy

  1. Virtually states sell the license to hunt wild game. How is deer hunting in Pennsylvania more moral than lion hunting in Africa?

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