Two days ago I saw some statements from CATO that were clearly stupid and ill-informed on air pollution

So I am cruising along, reading my usual stuff, and I ran into a series of tweets from a guy who should know better, trying to distinguish carbon dioxide from small particles.

And he used the term–soot.

Soot sounds so scary, doesn’t it?

Here’s the problem, this supposed ally is ignorant of what small particle air pollution is–and it ain’t soot and it doesn’t kill, even though the EPA claims it kills hundreds of thousands of Americans every year–repeat–it does and hasn’t killed anyone.

How can we win an argument with the people who claim that small particles kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year (trust me, they don’t kill anybody at current levels or even at higher previous levels) so I am working a back side attack by ignorant conservative “experts” while i attack and challenge the junk science epidemiology that is the basis for the EPA claims of hundreds of thousands of deaths.

I say there are no death, haven’t been any deaths from small particles–it’s data dredging in the range of normal variation and they have no shame or restraint–they say cause they expect the media to support tham and the ignorant public to believe them.

After all–it’s soot–it fouls the air and certainly must kill something–right? No–WRONG.


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