The latest on the Monarch Butterfly crisis

This is a mixed bag of reports.

I am just an emergency physician but I travel a bit in the midwest and i see fields planted edge to edge with soybeans and corn–would that reduce the milkweed population that is important to the Monarch life cycle?

I guess so. Hank de Carbano is the JS Monarch expert–and I expect he will evaluate this report and comment.

I will put his comment up as a post so you won’t miss the latest.

Every fall the Monarch migration to Mexico comes through my area of Texas and it is a reminder of the wonders of nature.


One response to “The latest on the Monarch Butterfly crisis

  1. we had Monarchs winter over here in my part of The Valley, like totally.

    of course, that’s because we planted milkweed plants their caterpillars could feed on, and native flowers for them to feed on after exiting their cocoon.

    we wanted to plant more milkweed & flowers in the city property across the street, but such a thing doesn’t fit their cookie cutter, “we always do it this way” approach so beloved of fascists everywhere.

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