Obama is getting dumber and dumber–but more and more aggressive on climate

Betsy talks about the clown and his latest crusade.



4 responses to “Obama is getting dumber and dumber–but more and more aggressive on climate

  1. Being more aggressive will not hide the TRUTH REVEALED ON 70th HIROSHIMA ANNIVERSARY

    As reported today in comments on the end of WWII in Japan Times,


    In August 1945 while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima, Kuroda correctly realized, “the birth of the world may have been just like this.”

    In 1956, Kuroda predicted the natural nuclear reactor that was discovered in the Oklo uranium mine at Oklo in 1972.

    In 1960, Kuroda reported decay products from extinct Plutonium-244 in Earth’s atmosphere.

    In 1964, Marvin Rowe and Kuroda discovered decay products from extinct Plutonium-244 in the Pasamonte meteorite.

    Later, Kuroda and Myers used the decay products from Uranium-238 and Plutonium-244 in the Earth, Moon and meteorites to show our chemical elements were made in a super-nova explosion five billion years (5 Ga) ago at the birth of the solar system.

    For seventy years (1945-2015) truth about Earth’s heat source and the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms in the solar system have been hidden from the public.


  2. It would be nice if this were about Obama. The only reason this massive fraud based on demonizing Americans hasn’t been laughed off the public stage decades ago is because GOP E likes is as much as democrats do. In 1990 George Bush #1 set up the USGCRP which financed the global climate danger spending boom on the backs of US taxpayers in the Exec. branch and 13 agencies-out of reach of congress and voters. Before most people had heard of climate scientists. George Bush #2 further embedded the notion of CO2 terror, increased deadly ethanol, even ordered EPA to set up non-public emissions trading. Boehner and McConnell have had daily access to microphones to 2 and 3 decades, are frequently asked their view on US CO2 terror, and could easily have loudly and clearly told the truth about this fraud which daily diverts millions of US taxpayer dollars. They either change the subject to jobs or say they’re not scientists. I was disappointed that McCaughey didn’t make these points.

    • Yes, deception runs deep and involves both political parties. It seems to arise from fear-based insecurities:

      1. Almost 500 years ago, in 1543, world leaders tried to hide Copernicus’ finding of a powerful fountain of energy (The Sun) at the gravitational center of the Solar System.

      2. Seventy years ago, in 1945, atomic bombs revealed the source of energy in the Sun. Frightened world leaders united nations to forbid public knowledge of that energy source.

  3. Chili, excellent.

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