More on the Insane Clean Power Plan

The bamster hates America and Americans, and he has lots of allies in the enviro movement.

Here is a brief discussion of the consequences of his inane Clean Power Plan.

The war on coal is energized by claims that air pollution kills–but it doesn’t. There are no dead bodies from small particle or ozone ambient air pollution. The EPA claims more than 80% of the benefits from the Clean Power Plan attributable to reduced small particles deaths and ozone deaths–NONSENSE

Read this archive from JunkScience:

The research from our side shows no deaths from small particles or ozone.


Here’s some commentary on the disaster that is the bamster/EPA Clean Power Plan.

Here’s Silvio Canto’s take, including an essay in the WSJ. Silvio correctly points out that the bamster can’t put together a good enough argument to get his way on carbon dioxide–he has to back door the thing by the EPA with the help of the feckless federal courts.

Here’s the WSJ:


One response to “More on the Insane Clean Power Plan


    As reported today in comments on the end of WWII in Japan Times,

    For seventy years (1945-2015) truth about the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms in the solar system has been hidden from the public.

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