Medicare and Medicaid are unsustainable

Yes, on the current course both programs will bust the budget and fail.


One response to “Medicare and Medicaid are unsustainable

  1. On the current course, since the budget has already been busted — and is now being blasted to smithereens — The federal government of The United States of America will fail simply because the laws of nature that are the primary governing laws of the Universe that we live in and the planet that we live on decree that it must fail. Such programs as housing subsidies and food stamps and others are founded on un-natural principles that are just as fatally flawed and unsustainable as are Medicare and Medicaid. Any government program that takes the prices of today’s benefits and dumps them back into the operating costs of the supply chains that are producing, distributing and selling the future benefits cannot be a sustainable program. Think eviction, not secession.

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