Here come the puddin’ headed neuroscientists again

This research group is convinced that Freud’s unconscious and subconscious hypothesis are proven by their outcome energzied research.

Guess what–they found what they wanted to find–but it’s the same old Freudian BS.

Just fancied up a little for modern consumption.

Determinism and subconscious motivations and the theory of childhood sex drives and unconscious motivations were the product of Freud’s own obsessions.

He was a charismatic and compelling advocate but he was full of silly ideas and is now properly discredited, but his influence won’t go away.

These researchers would argue that criminality and bad behavior are the product of subconscious and occult aspects of the psyche. It’s like the fads in psych on suppressed memories, but the research shows that suppressed memories is an invention.

Read Paul McHugh about psychiatry and how it has often lost its way.

As for the suppressed memories canard–read a debunking of that theory in a book showing that remembering trauma is the problem, no suppressing it.

Remembering Trauma (2003 Harvard U Press) by Richard McNally, Prof of Psychology at Harvard, blows up the recovered memories fad and also takes a look at the PTSD phenomenon. at Harvard.

A lot of Voodoo in psych and neuroscience.


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