What if I told you I have always liked Camille Paglia?

Sounds crazy that I would like a self-professed lesbian, atheist, severe leftist/socialist, but it’s like my affection for Christopher Hitchens–Paglia and the late Hitchens are or were eloquent and principled and both exposed hypocrisy of the left and its failings.

Paglia is a unique voice–an atheist who has great admiration for religion, an intellectual with respect for culture and history that leftist intellectuals from the academy don’t have.

Gotta like someone who thinks the mainstream press is irresponsible, Drudge is essential daily reading, and considers Richard Dawkins a superficial glib fraud, Jon Stewart an empty-headed snarky jerk, Donald Trump a populist comedian. Nothing about Camille is predictable cause she has an eye for things and a special eloquence on issues of culture and Natural Law morality and ethics.

She is a formidable enemy of post modernism and the inanity of Frankfurt School academics.

Here’s an interview part one. 2 more in the chute from the website Salon where she is a regular columnist. Rush regularly reports on her take downs of the phony left.


An equally remarkable interview–Paglia distinguishes herself in the spectrum of feminism and explains why she adheres to her Italian Catholic roots as a teacher, among other things.



2 responses to “What if I told you I have always liked Camille Paglia?

  1. @john1282
    Sorry, but this is just the broken clock theory. Even a lezzie lefty can be right on a few issues…so what?

    • Paglia is definitely a breath of fresh air. I have read some of her stuff. There is much I would disagree with, but this particular women is no hypocrite. She calls out the Left and it is not just a one off thing.

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