Saving the planet, one cow at a time

The next step in saving the planet is clean cow technology. The Washington Post reports on a food additive being tested by DSM that interferes with rumen fermentation resulting in a 30% reduction in methane from burping.  The byproduct may be increased weight gain on the same food intake.  A food additive that increases efficiency of food conversion ought to be a big deal. The doubtful benefits of saving the planet seem to outweigh the tangible benefits.


8 responses to “Saving the planet, one cow at a time

  1. Thank you for another reminder of the blinding arrogance of those who ignore the great fountain of energy Copernicus discovered at the gravitational center of the solar system in 1543: The pulsar remains of the supernova that made our elements and birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago, . . .

    the creator, destroyer and sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system today!

  2. Hank de Carbonel

    We, out here in Brownsville, aka California are once again showing how to invest. We through CARB are developing methods to measure the amount of methane produced by” fugitive emitters”, cows. There are a number of prototype pictures available with the saddle tank and appropriate plumbing routed from source to gas measuring vessel. I don’t think PETA has offered an opinion on humiliation as abuse.
    In any case the solution will require some rumination. The dilemma is using GMO’s or not to solve this immediate problem. As you would expect, children the elderly and women are thought to be the most affected and the unthinking are most at risk.

  3. Is MSNBC cancelling the MADCOW show? 🙂

  4. NZ has been, and, continues to work towards methane reduction from its huge cow herds – obviously there are a number of avenues being followed, not the least of which are the properties of the grass being fed (NZ herds are predominantly grass fed)

    • otumoetai
      Yes, the Kiwis sheep and cattle farmers are paying ”PERMISSION TO FART TAX” but will solve nothing, it’s only rip-off – because methane is not a global warming gas!! As most flammable gas in nature – UV &IR burn it in a jiffy BUT: because CH4 is produced together with other, heavier gases ->they sink in the ground together. Here, learn the truth::

      • Stefan – You have absolutely no argument from me – If you had ever read any of my previous posts you would have known that I am a skeptic through and through – The main reason I believe that our Govt is doing this and other things is that we rely upon export so have to covertly crawl to the water melons by appearing to believe and actually care (i.e., pretend to be warmers) to prevent a backlash on the transportation of our farm based products to the rest of the world. – A very real threat to our economy!

        • otumoetai, I know that the government must do ”arse kissing” BUT: the Reds under green camouflage can be demolished, before next Christmas – IF the Skeptics were interested in the truth, to win. The truth exist –

          Unfortunately:the Skeptics have thrown the white towel – and hope that: by repeating the outdated gospel for billionth time, they will surprise the professional manipulators = because the Skeptics know everything, for them the truth and real proofs are irritable…

          IF you don’t want to spend few minutes and read the post I gave you link above, and spread the truth to the secular public… that’s why the Warmist are marching from victory to victory… Warmist don’t have any legitimate proof – they relay on fanatical skeptic support…

  5. Again I have no argument with you – yes I have digested much of your dissertation previously. The greenies pick on such things as methane from animals because it is so easy for them to turn it into an emotional statement (no it’s not even an argument from them because they have no facts to back it up but emotion does not generally need facts or logic because it relies upon human vulnerability)

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