Anti-science warmers spit and howl but ignore the evidence and reject the scientific method

I do get tired of all these confident people who are blinded by their intellectual passions.

I really don’t think we should ignore the manipulation of the surface temp record, the failures of the models–and more, the devotion to the idea that human activity would cause great harm by producing a beneficial gas like CO2.


2 responses to “Anti-science warmers spit and howl but ignore the evidence and reject the scientific method

    please read every sentence:

  2. Gordon’s article deserves a selective quotation or two. I found the following to be worth recapitulation:

    “Climate science today is a veritable cornucopia of unanswered questions. Why did the warming trend between 1978 and 1998 cease, although computer climate models predict steady warming? How sensitive is the climate to increased carbon-dioxide levels? What feedback mechanisms are there that would increase or decrease that sensitivity? Why did episodes of high carbon-dioxide levels in the atmosphere earlier in Earth’s history have temperature levels both above and below the average?

    “With so many questions still unanswered, why are many climate scientists, politicians — and the left generally — so anxious to lock down the science of climatology and engage in protracted name-calling? Well, one powerful explanation for the politicians is obvious: self-interest.

    “If anthropogenic climate change is a reality, then that would be a huge problem only government could deal with. It would be a heaven-sent opportunity for the left to vastly increase government control over the economy and the personal lives of citizens.”

    Ah, but put that lucid logic to the chorus of clucks pecking away in the “comments” boxes on your typical warmista Web site and watch the banhammer come down….

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