Terminator time–AI scaremongers

I am not prepared to think that Sci Fi theories about Hal type computers or SkyNet (Terminator) takeovers are in the realm of possibility.

Self awareness is not understood and cannot be created, machines are machines, and current levels of computer engineering cannot duplicate the brain. To duplicate my brain, for example, as small and puny and limited as it is, would be impossible even with a building full of hardware and air conditioners as big as 18 wheelers.

Neuroscientists and computer designers can’t make a brain–but they could program computers to do bad things–easy enough.

The Borg are my favorite bad guys–you will be assimilated–but a movie about hybrid mechanical, thinking, self aware, collectives computers or computer networks is not in the realm of reality.



2 responses to “Terminator time–AI scaremongers

  1. Reality Observer

    Well, considering that we don’t have any real handle on what makes us self-aware, I won’t go quite so far.

    I do think that evil machines will require evil people, though. We appear to be the only animal that does some cruel things just because we can, not because it has some survival value.

  2. AI is scary! The ongoing Avian Influenza (AI) epidemic is a very big deal. It was first identified in December in Oregon. By March it was in eight States. By April it was in 13 States and 2 Canadian Provinces. I think it’s 17 States and Provinces, now, plus a few more in which wild birds, but no domestic birds, have been found with the virus..

    Oh, wait… not that AI? Somebody’s afraid of sci-fi stories? {giggle!}

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