And I thought the military was an all weather, all terrain force

In a required report, it looks like the US military looks at climate change. From Design&Change, US Military Reports To Congress On How Climate Change Will Affect Operations

The oceans will be wet, sea levels will keep on rising like they have for hundreds of years, deserts will be dry, the Arctic will be wet and cold and people will fight over food and migration.  What’s really changed?

The mission is to look at climate change and the military planners do their job.


3 responses to “And I thought the military was an all weather, all terrain force

  1. Yes the military have all sorts of contingency plans. Here in Australia they are based on real world emergencies such as a tsunami, earthquake, bush fire, cyclones, floods and yes drought relief is also considered as is climate change. Various scenarios are played out in think tanks and in war gaming both electronic and real world. We also used to plan for invasions from such places as Indonesia, China, Russia, USA UK and other countries as well as terrorist incidences . It doesn’t and should never be construed that the military believe that this is real threat. Just that they have planned for it IF it was to occur.

  2. hilarious, in days of old crusaders fought in deserts in suits of armour,

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