Alexis predicted our political demise

This is why Alexis de Toqueville is recognized as a great political commentator and analyst.

He knew the seeds of destruction were planted and it would be hard to prevent the bad outcome. When majority politics allows the dreaded problem of faction and self interest discussed in Federalist 10, it’s Katie bar the door.

We now have a generation that thinks that socialism and redistribution of wealth is cool–because it allows them to steal from their fellow citizens by the armed authority of the state.



2 responses to “Alexis predicted our political demise

  1. There are two major problems with Democracy:
    1) In order to be leader you have to want to be leader. Please pardon my paraphrasing Plato, “Anyone who wants to be leader will be a bad leader.”
    2) 51% of the people can vote to take everything from the remaining 49%.

  2. Believe it or not, the answer is to go full blown Cloward-Piven. Once people think they are entitled to other people’s money it’s game, set and match. The answer is to accelerate the process and bankrupt the system as quickly as possible. Once that is done, we can have a reset. Most life lessons have to be experienced first hand to learn from them. You can be warned a hundred times not to touch a boiling pot, but you only need to experience it once to learn why you shouldn’t.

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