Three fourths of American High School grads are ‘no ready’ for College.

Well what’s the surprise–the educational system only looks good for the same reason the bamster supporters claim a good economy and improving employment–cheating.

In grade school testing in the 50s the Iowa Tests for Educational Development were used nationally, and a child was rated on performance for grade level. In my little Catholic Grade School in Estherville, Iowa, my grade produced a number of college grads and a couple of physicians, a graduate of the Naval Academy, we expected to always score as achieving high school level academic knowledge and we did. I would have been embarassed not to be at least 2 or 3 grades ahead of current level when I was in 5th through 8th grade, now the school system says these kids are doing well and they are headed for the dumper–will always be academically challenged because they are ignorant and incompetent.

Proficiency against a standard shows terrible grade and achievement inflation–by an educational establishment that is incompetent and lavishly financed.

And we wonder why these kids are empty headed and so easily indoctrinted?

High School grads now get a worthless lie for a diploma.

Kids get graduated from grades like it’s a big deal, but they are promoted without competence–and just an impending academic train wreck, requiring the educational system to pretend they are well educated.


9 responses to “Three fourths of American High School grads are ‘no ready’ for College.

    • “He—-go—he—daddy—house.” Rachael Jeanteal, a high school student, testifying in Zimmerman trial

  1. Also, one half of college freshmen never graduate.

  2. listen to them talk–they have no concept of language and elegance of good language, moreover they are “no ready” to be articulate and competent adult participants in society and the culture.

  3. Willis Eschenbach

    john1282, I always enjoy your posts, but before you start a post riffing on people about lousy education, you might want to check to see that your headline is spelled correctly … just sayin’ …


  4. Hey Willis, that’s called a joke–writing like they talk.

  5. That’s two people that think I don’t know how to spell not ready.

    I am going to put ironic marks around the damn thing. all you grammarians ought to know i don’t much worry about the things you get bent about. I put out a lot all bemeeownself and i see grammaticals and spellings wrong all the time at websites I visit, sometimes edited by full time professionals.

    Everybody knows I am a full time professional trouble maker and emergency physician, not a wannabe big shot writer of renown–not Roger Kimball, Victor Davis Hanson, CS Lewis or Montaigne.

    • This is starting to sound like that Polish joke about waking the wrong guy.

    • Willis Eschenbach

      Thanks, John. As I’ve occasionally found to my cost, irony and satire translate very poorly to the web. However, I didn’t think that you “don’t know how to spell not ready”, that’s not you.

      I thought it was a typo.


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