Say it’s special and you can sell anything

High pH water is supposed to be healthier than just plain old water? From ACSH, Fact checking pHony water

Getting enough water is important to health, the pH of the water isn’t likely to have much to do with how healthy it is. If you want more alkaline water, put a marble chip in your glass, or maybe just get water from a hard water source.


4 responses to “Say it’s special and you can sell anything

  1. Lots of things can effect the pH of water.
    What’s more important than the pH is what compounds are in it.
    If you want a high pH water, dump some NaOH in it…..but you won’t want it for long.
    PS “Pure” water has a pH of 7.0. And it doesn’t stay “pure” for long.
    PPS Please don’t tell the carbon clowns that CO2 lowers pH!

  2. A mobile home park had wells for water and it was so nasty you could not drink it. They touted; “The taste in our water is caused by iron and that is good for you.” Oh yeah! How about the HS? Is that good for what ails ya?

    • I was doing a remediation years ago and had to replace a well. It was ~100′ downgradient from the septic tank and screened at 30′. The tank was built for single family dwelling and was serving two duplexes. Soil was sandy. We put the new well in the proper place and below a clay lens. The water had iron. The blond lady was really unhappy when the red water turned her hair orange and didn’t taste as good as the old water.

  3. I could be wrong, but seems to me you could increase the pH by dissolving sodium bicarbonate in your water, too – which is the old-fashioned remedy for heartburn, no? Everything old is new again. And more expensive.

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