Legionnaires’ disease increase caused by climate change

You don’t need data, just say climate change and it seems logical. From NBC4, Climate Change Could be Culprit With Legionnaires’ Disease on the Rise

An increase in cases in the Bronx and an increase since 2000 with the highest risks “elderly, cigarette smokers, people with chronic lung or immune system disease and those receiving immunosuppressive drugs. Most cases can be treated successfully with antibiotics — which is why those who have symptoms should seek immediate medical care.”   Add also non-Hispanic blacks and you have all the environmental justice claims.  Is climate change the culprit?

Dr. David N. Fisman, a professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, said in an email that he doubted the increase was the result solely of improved testing. The rise is linear and across all regions of the United States, he said.

It is difficult to be certain that climate change is a factor but it seems plausible, he said.

 No real data on climate versus Legionnaires’.  No look at reporting.  No inspections of cooling towers for maintenance, cleaning, use of biocides, anything.  Just add “climate change” and you have it.


5 responses to “Legionnaires’ disease increase caused by climate change

  1. I am getting so sick and tired of these so called intelligent people mouthing off pure crap – statements with not a shred of fact to base them upon and statements made without using any of the actual evidence that is available albeit some diagnostic testing may be required for the full picture to emerge – A good rule for them to take on would be ‘please engage whatever brain you have before putting your mouth or pen into gear’

  2. It is difficult to be certain that gay marriage and legalized marijuana are factors, but it seems plausible.

  3. Why is it that when someone can’t provide an explanation for something they state – “It seems to be plausible that it’s caused by global warming.” It’s akin to saying – “The dog ate my homework.”

  4. Climate change causes insanity!!!–in global warmers.

  5. Don’t be too harsh – anything is possible nowadays it seems, – I just went out for the mail and two pigs flew past me!

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