Civil rights for chimps?

The same bunch that think nothing of abortion are worked up about the civil rights of animals.

The problem of animal rights is that people get very emotionally wound up.

Consider that our food supply includes animals and plants that would have civil rights if these people get their way.

They will start with emotionally appealing things–cuddly animals or noble animals, but why not insects and plants? Who’s to judge–if humans are just another species of animal, who will speak for the cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, cats that are kept or used by humans?

Peter Singer, sitting in a named chair at Princeton advocates for animals and against babies, claiming that in his John Stuart Mill utilitarian approach to things, humans are just animals but animals have civil rights.


One response to “Civil rights for chimps?

  1. “Animals” only care about animals, they have no concern for humans. Evidently they haven’t “evolved”.

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