Jo Nova on the consensus

No big surprise here.

Besides, the “consensus” is related to social and professional pressure.

For example you can’t get hired as a “climate scientist” in most universities unless you are an enviro wacko fanatic about the hypothesis of warming.


One response to “Jo Nova on the consensus

  1. I posted this over at Energy Matters, you won’t find the BBC or MSM reporting this stuff.
    Snow on Mauna Kea Hawaii
    Snow in South Africa
    80Cm of Snow in Chile
    Hail in Dakota
    Heavy Snow and very cold in Argentina
    Frost in the USA and Europe
    Cold causing extra cases of Pnuemonia in Peru
    Very Cold in North Vietnam
    Snow in Papua & Indonesia
    Cold in Japan
    Snow in Bolivia, 75,000 cattle at risk
    Heaviest Snowfall in Peru in years kills 171,850 Alpaca.
    Snow in California.
    Record cold in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Michigan, records broken by as much as 10 degrees F not by 10ths of a degree like the hot temps.
    Heavy snowfall in Vorkuta, Russia
    Shanghai – Lowest temperature in 145 years

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