Further to the Beth Israel Deaconess story

Please allow me to connect some dots here. In this piece, we exposed the firing of a tenured, well-respected physician (also on the Harvard Med faculty) because he quietly spoke out on the health dangers of the gay lifestyle.

Political Correctness eclipsed public health, of course, and the lion’s share of the media was complicit in not covering this outrage. (As I tell John Dunn aka john1282, I troll the fringe websites, so you don’t have to.)

But you see folks, it does not stop there. Not in the least. Now that PC runs public health, I can predict with supreme confidence that one day, PC dicta will be that no one over age 90 gets medical treatment, and instead should simply take one for the team, do his civic duty, and die. No doubt, docs will speak out, and no doubt they will get fired.

And, don’t even start with what will happen once the Mandarins decide that health outcomes must be equal in all races.  Rationing of care, anyone?

Dear readers, please understand that with PC guiding public health there is no turning back, it is truly game over. This is a far worse development than Medicare. True, Medicare destroyed the way healthcare is delivered, but only PC can destroy what is even included in the definition of healthcare.

Silly Hitler, he used violence, when all he really needed was PC.  Of course, Adolf WAS onto something when he invented government-run healthcare.  That’s right, full-on socialized medicine was first created by Adolf Hitler.  You could look it up.


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