Night Shifts are unhealthy

Shift workers suffer. I was once a shift worker on a sporadic basis, I stopped night shifts when I could, a few years ago. Hard on you, circadian rhythms are hard to suppress and there is a price to pay for going against them.

I would suggest that gastrointestinal problems are a big factor, along with overeating and resultant obesity.


One response to “Night Shifts are unhealthy

  1. I worked swing shift for nearly two decades.

    I got more sleep than I do now and loved the freedom to do whatever I needed or wanted to do when others were at work.

    During the summer, I avoided the midday heat at work.

    There were times when my sleep was interrupted by ignorant neighbors that figured that everyone has their schedule, so it’s OK to slam doors, and generally make unnecessary noise.
    But that happens when you work day shift too.

    Some people are suited to it, some aren’t.

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