Land grabber bamster designates 3 monuments for set aside.

So my question has always been why are these enviro actions by arrogant tyrants always considered by RINOs as irreversible? why didn’t W just say–Clinton monument is no longer a monument.

A gutsy successor should come in and reverse all this crap–all the way back to the Grande Escalante by Clinton late in his presidency, setting aside a great area for low sulfur exploration and coal production.


2 responses to “Land grabber bamster designates 3 monuments for set aside.

  1. The notion that a Bush family member or other GOP E would like to be on the side of the people-but they just don’t have the nerve-has given them undeserved cover and allowed them to sell the country out. In 2001, GW Bush appointed William Ruckelshaus to serve on the US Commission on Oceans Policy. In 2006, G W Bush used the Antiquities Act to create a huge marine reserve around Northwestern Hawaiian islands. In Dec. 2008, Bush removed nine areas of land across 3 states again using the Antiquities Act. The father, GHW Bush, began his green presidency by hand picking his EPA chief, Wm. Reilly, from his post as WWF president.

  2. To expect solutions to problems that were caused in Washington to come from Washington is to expect something that is never going to happen. If the issued is dealt with at all by a future government you can bet that whatever action may be taken will be far more likely to compound the negative consequences that were caused by the initial action than they will be to actually do something that is beneficial to the country and to the Citizens of the fifty states of The United States.

    The 10th amendment may not have adequate “firepower” for our and our states’ needs but it is our best recourse. But we have to have state government officials who have the gumption and the guts to actually do something. Lots of luck.

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